It doesn’t matter if you just starting out or if you are a professional writer, Story Companion will help you create your story in an easy and fast way. Focus on the fun and creative part of storytelling while creating a perfect guide of how to write your story




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What is Story Companion?

Story Companion is a story creation tool that, in an easy way, produce a guide of how to write your story. It will let you go from a basic idea to a finished, well-structured story with all the necessary ingredients for keeping a reader hooked.


You will be able to focus on your story and not on grammar, writing and finding the right words. The software has a clear, simple and flexible system for developing characters, settings, ideas, synopsis and story progression.

If you ever feel unsure about story writing theory or the software you will have help, guides and suggestions at your fingertips.


You use the produced story structure as step-by-step guide for your writing.

You will finish your writing faster, have a better story to show while you will be able to avoid writer’s block, weak storytelling and you will have much less editing to do.

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The Story Companion software
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How does Story Companion work?

The principle is very simple and all it takes are a few sentences at a time.

You start with the basic idea behind your story and you write a few sentences about it, trying to incorporate your thoughts about main characters and their conflicts and goals - nothing complicated.


Then you look at your basic idea and you divide it into a beginning, a middle and an ending and you write a few sentences about each of these parts – still keeping everything very basic. Now you have a general overview of the start, the middle and the ending of your story.


You continue by dividing each of your created parts into a beginning, a middle and an ending, and you do this until you have the level of detail that will help you writing your story. You will have created a perfect guide of how to write your story!


See our absolutely free writing guide for a complete idea of how you can incorporate this method into your writing.



Advanced story structure


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What can Story Companion do for you?

Finish your writing faster

Avoid writers block, inconsistencies, weak storytelling and finish your writing faster by structure you story before you start writing. You can choose exactly how much structure you want: from a basic overview to a detailed step by step plan.

Focus on the fun

Enjoy the creation process without worrying about writing, grammar and having all the answers from the start.

Take control of your writing

Slim and fast system for bringing you from idea to a complete and perfectly structured story – a few sentences at a time!

Keep the overview

Dedicated sections for character creating and roles, settings, ideas, theme, genre, synopsis, back story and story structure. Where you have the freedom to choose which parts to use and how to use them.

Great writing experience

A clean and easy interface where you adapt your writing experience to how you want it! Change color, graphics, fonts and maximize writing areas to get the experience you want.

Help when you need it

Software help and Storytelling theory at your fingertips when you need it. Just press the closest ? and you will get easy help, tips and guides.

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