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As an initial offer we will sell Story Companion for only 39$.

You will get all the help you need for bringing your ideas into full-fledged stories. Create exact blueprints of what to write to save time and avoid creative snags. Learn about theory and develop yourself as a writer.

The payment process

We use PayPal as our partner for secure online payments. You can pay with any major credit card. After payment is confirmed you will receive an email (normally between 1 – 2 business days) with your unique unlocking code.

You want to try it first?

When you first download Story Companion it will be reduced to a trial-version with limited capacity. You can still test all the basic functionality, but you will not be able to use the full program until you buy a license and get your private code to unlock the software.


  • Introduction

    How can you go from a basic idea to a finished story? How can you avoid writers block and finish your story faster?  The answer is that you create a story structure that will guide your writing.


    Story Companion will help you create this structure. It is not a word processor (even if some basic word process functions are included) – it’s a story processor!


    It has all the tools for putting your story together and it can help you with all the important ingredients needed for a good story!


    If you don’t know any story telling theory, or are unsure of how to continue, you can always access help, examples and step by step guides from inside the program. You can also download and use Story Companions free Story Guide that is streamlined with the Story Companion software to go from basic idea to a fully grown story.


    For those used to storytelling theory you will find all the familiar areas for dealing with synopsis, characters, roles, settings, genre, theme, ideas, back story and, of course, your story structure. No theory is forced upon you but you use only the parts you feel are helpful.

  • Layout & Structure

    The Story Companion is divided into seven tabs - Start, Story, Background, Characters, Places, Ideas and Tools - where each tab represent one area of story information.


    In each tab you have text input areas where you can fill in information about different subjects.


    All major writing areas can also be maximized, for an more unobtrusive writing  experience, by pressing + above the writing area. After maximizing an area just press - to get the area back to normal size.


    You can always get specific help and basic theory guidance by pressing ? by any writing area. There are also step-by-step guides and more help to get by pressing the Get more help! Button in any help window or by pressing the HELP! Button in the Tools tab.


    In the Tools tab you will find ways for searching your story, customizations of the the program and exporting what you have written.

    Simple replica of Story Companion. Click a tab on the picture below to change view








    Story Companion software layout

    Story Companion color schemes


    Film noir

    Grapes of wrath

    Here comes the elves

    Le grand blue

    Snow crash

  • First step

    The first step is simple: create a new story in the Start tab and then name it and save it. Now the story will appear in your Story collection (your saved stories). The Start tab is the general overview of your story.


    Now you can go to the Tools tab and change the appearance of Story Companion to get the look you want it to have. Set color and graphical theme, fonts and font size (this will be the font and size of the texts you write).


    If you have a basic idea of what your story is about write it down in the Synopsis text area in the Start tab - this will be the starting point of your story creation.


    Here you can also set Genre and Theme for your story. If you are not sure about synopsis, genre or theme you can always leave them empty and come back later.


    If you feel unsure about any concept you can always press ? to get an explanation .

  • Workflow

    The goal is to use Story Companion to create a blueprint of the story you want to tell. You achieve this by looking at your starting idea and, step by step, fleshing it out until you have a fully described story. The created blueprint is then used to write your story.


    You start by writing down a few sentences about your basic story idea - this will produce a general overview of your story. If you need help with how to construct your idea Story Companion will provide ideas, theory and guides at a click of a button.


    Later you break down your general idea into a start, a middle and a beginning and you write a few sentences about each part. Now you will have a first crude structure of what will take place in your story.


    Now have a look at the sentences you have written about the start of your story. You break down this start part into more detail by dividing it into a start part, one or more middle parts and an ending part - writing a few sentences about each part. Now you will have a better description of what will happen in the beginning of your story.


    You continue this process of fleshing out your story, a few sentences at a time, until you have a structure that perfectly describes your story.


  • ...and then?

    After finishing your story structure, in Story Companion, it is time to start writing your story.


    Your story structure will tell you what will happen in all the parts of your story. You will have set up characters, settings, conflicts, goals and reasons. You have made sure that there are no inconsistencies and that any theme and genre is shown - you will have a blueprint of what to write!


    You can write you story in Story Companion or export it to an external word processor (where you use the structure in Story Companion as a step by step guide of what to write).


    You will find writing so much easier if you have a structure than without one!


    So what are you waiting for? We know that you have a story that you want to tell!



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Story Theory

The theory here can be read by anyone who want to know the basics of story telling. We do not pretend to cover everything or going very deep. Please, download our guide if you want to learn more about story creating than these mere crumbles.

About Story Companion

We are a small, dedicated company based in Sweden and Spain. We have created a product that we want to use, that we could not find in the market and that we hope will be useful to others.


We have been working in the computer and teaching area for more years than any of us would like care to admit, and we are constantly working on developing and improving Story Companion.


And yes, we like reading and writing… a lot!


Contact us


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions on how to improve Story Companion, if you need help with anything regarding the software, or just need some encouragement in your writing efforts.




Finally! The End!

Story Companion - book writing software


The fastest way to write a story, to avoid writers block and to avoid weak story telling is to have a story structure ready when you start writing - Story Companion will help you create that structure.


A few words or few sentences at a time are all it takes!


Story Companion is a not a word processor - it’s a story processor that will let you create stories with all the necessary ingredients for a great tale.


Let us help you write your story!

The new generation storytelling tool!

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Download our free story creation guide

take control of your writing
Finish your writing faster
Keep the overview of your writing
personalize the software
writing help
export your stories

Slim and fast system for bringing you from idea to a complete and perfectly structured story

Avoid writers block, inconsistencies, weak story telling and finish your writing faster by create and structure you story before you start writing. You can choose exactly how much structure you want: just a basic overview or a detailed step by step plan.

Dedicated sections for character creating and roles, settings, ideas, theme, genre, synopsis, back story and story structuring. Where you have the freedom to choose which to use and how to use them.

Adapt your writing experience

to how you want it! Change color, graphics, fonts and maximize writing areas to get the experience you want.


Story telling theory at your fingertips when you need it.

Just press the closest ? and you will get easy help, tips and guides.


Easy system to export your stories to your favorite word processor if you want to use other software than Story Companion to write the story you have created.

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Offer - only 39$
Story Companion - free to try writing software
Story Companions free writing structure guide

The software will be in trial-version until you

pay for it and unlock it with your unique serial number

Download our totally, no strings what-so-ever attached, free story construction guide.

It will give you all the basic theory you need and a method for transforming your ideas into finished stories.


          Download the Story Construction Guide now!

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Buy Story Companion. Only 39$


Download our free story creation guide

There is no magic to writing a book. Everyone can do it if they have a starting idea, some structure and some patience.


Our free guide will show you how to go from idea to finished story. It includes all the writing theory that you need - everything explained in an easy way!


The guide is streamlined for use with the Story Companion software, but can

be used as a help for anyone who wants to improve

their story telling skills.

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